The Best Bet – December 2019

The Best Bet
December 2019

Have you ever dreamed of running your own business, building your own franchise or stepping out of the comfort zone of everyday life of being someone else’s employee?

I am confident there are thousands of talented individuals longing to build something of their own. The idea of being your own boss, building your own franchise and representing what and who you want can be an exhilarating feeling – in fact, it can be absolutely intoxicating. However, the flip side of starting your own entrepreneurial journey can be amongst the most intimidating and anxiety filled steps of your career. You’re leaving the comforts of a big company where there are lots of assurances and guardrails in place. Building your own business can at first feel like you’re trying to move mountains. Trust me, I know this feeling.

After spending 20+ years in a variety of asset management sales and leadership roles, I’ve now begun my entrepreneurial journey. I always said that I wanted to leave a positive legacy and make a difference and in 2019, I identified the opportunity to make that difference. It was time to take all the information, the knowledge, the friendships and experience I had gathered and step away from my comfort zone and launch a company that would both empower talented people to make a bet on themselves while also providing asset managers a better distribution model.

FLX Distribution is about asking yourself the question – have you ever thought about betting on YOU? Do you have a vision, a plan and a strategy to go make this a reality? If you are in the asset management distribution ecosystem, and you are considering your future, FLX Distribution provides you a path to independence. FLX Distribution is an invitation only membership of Asset Management Firms and Distribution Professionals. FLX’s mission is to provide win-win solutions to the complex challenges facing today’s Asset Management Industry. Membership in the network provides the opportunity for Asset Managers to FLX their distribution bandwidth while allowing Distribution Professionals to become independent sales professionals that have access to a broad spectrum of leading Asset Managers searching for quality representation.

If you are a wholesaler, national account manager or marketing professional – are you ready to bet on YOU? Are YOU ready to take your first steps on the path to independence? Are YOU ready to FLX? Please reach out to [email protected] for more information.

The Best Bet