I launched FLX Distribution to empower people to take control of their financial futures, while also helping asset managers build stronger, resilient business models. I felt this was a unique time in our typically slow to adapt industry. Throughout FLX’s launch, many well-meaning advice givers said to expect long work days and emotional highs and lows resulting from the
fear of the unknown. To all those advice providers, thank you! These past few months have demonstrated to be all of the above and more. And in these recent weeks, perspective, focus and resilience have been more top of mind than ever.

Over my lifetime, there have been several significant global events, but the current pandemic is unprecedented. I am fearful and in shock by how life has so quickly changed. In a matter of seven days, we went from dinner with friends to community isolation. This weekend’s Wall Street Journal essay, When Epidemics Wreaked Havoc in America, highlights that it was not too
long ago that we were regularly fearful of pandemics, such as polio, measles and smallpox. We may be better off accepting there will be long days and emotional highs and lows in the coming weeks/months. Taking a different perspective represents an opportunity. It is an opportunity to comfort and protect your family, friends, neighbors and community from the anxiety of the
unknown. It is not a time to drive political agendas, but a time for unity. Diseases and disasters have challenged the USA before, and our great society overcame them. Now is another opportunity to do our individual parts to help ensure we come out of this crisis recognizing we can all do our part in making a difference.

For those leading businesses, now is our moment to remain focused on our people, our clients and our business objectives. Clearly you will need to adapt, and to do so effectively requires clear communication.

If you’re a wholesaler or national account manager in the asset management industry, take this moment to think about your clients and their businesses. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What in your business plan for 2020 must you now adjust?
  • If I were an intermediary, what would I want from my wholesaling/national account manager in today’s environment?
  • How can you demonstrate that you do care about your teammates and your clients?
  • How can you adjust your approach to relationship building to reflect the new realities?

Those successful in sales and entrepreneurship can be defined by their resiliency. Rejection and failure are only a conversation away. The strength, passion, persistence to endure the unknown is required to reach that ultimate goal of leaving a legacy. Today is another, albeit frightening, opportunity to remain strong and focused on the success you are striving to achieve.

As I now realize, the advice provided at the launch of FLX was incredibly accurate. And while growth and financials results are important, it will be my team’s ability to maintain perspective, stay focused and remain resilient throughout this new unknown that will truly drive our success. Good health, safety and best wishes from all of the team at FLX Distribution.