FLX DISTRIBUTION ADDS VIDENT AS FIRST ETF FIRM TO ADOPT BREAKTHROUGH DISTRIBUTION PLATFORM – “This relationship demonstrates how FLX is able to work strategically within the ETF industry to truly effect change.” (News Release)

BERNARDSVILLE, NJ, APRIL 22, 2021 – FLX Distribution today unveiled a strategic relationship that will bring the platform’s innovative, powerful, and efficient distribution model to the ETF industry for the first time.

Under this new strategic relationship, FLX will provide a complete distribution solution — including national accounts, sales, and marketing — for Vident’s $1.4 billion family of equity, fixed-income, and real estate ETFs. In a further extension of the relationship, FLX will offer Vident Investment Advisory’s (VIA) current and future clients the opportunity to participate in the FLX ETF distribution offering as negotiated by Vident.

“Asset managers looking to enter the ETF business need to solve for two issues to maximize their probability of success: portfolio management and trading excellence, and distribution,” said Jillian DelSignore, Head of ETFs & Indexing for FLX. “VIA’s and FLX’s respective service offerings solve these critical issues. This relationship demonstrates how FLX is able to work strategically within the ETF industry to truly effect change.”

In just over a year since its founding, FLX Distribution has grown to 36 professionals, established itself as the industry’s first Resource and Asset Management Platform (RAMP), and as the leading, award-wining, most innovative independent distributor of asset management services nationwide. To date, FLX has signed to its platform 21 asset managers including mutual funds, hedge funds, private equity, and SMAs representing $32 billion in combined assets under management. In addition, FLX has attracted hundreds of experienced distribution professionals to its community as it brings flexibility, fresh perspective, and Distribution at a Reasonable Price to the marketplace. The FLX platform offers integrated services to its clients including media resources, distribution solutions, corporate strategy, and business services.

“FLX understands that ETF operations and distribution are unique to other fund wrappers,” said Brian Moran, FLX Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “In consultation with Vident’s experienced team of ETF professionals, we were able to build an industry-first ETF vertical to help asset managers launch and manage ETFs.”

“Knowing that distribution has truly become the key to successful ETF launches, we felt it was crucial to find a solution for our clients who, in many cases, may not have the resources to hire and train their own salesforce,” said Amrita Nandakumar, President of VIA. “As we got to better know the team at FLX and their service offering, we realized VIA’s clients could greatly benefit by having access to national accounts and external sales executives that could distribute our clients’ funds directly to financial advisors and other intermediaries.”

About Vident Investment Advisory (VIA)
Vident Investment Advisory (VIA), a subsidiary of Vident Financial formed in 2014, provides sub-advisory services for a variety of index-based and actively managed strategies. VIA’s extensive knowledge and innovation for a variety of ETF sponsors has made ETF management VIA’s specialty. VIA’s capabilities extend across multiple asset classes, including U.S. and international equities, fixed income, commodities, as well as long/short, inverse, and managed futures strategies. For more information, please go to www.videntinvestmentadvisory.com.

About FLX Distribution
Launched in December 2019, FLX Distribution is revolutionizing the distribution experience among asset managers, wealth managers, and advisors. We provide a technology platform — known as a Resource and Asset Management Platform (RAMP) — that delivers unmatched scale, flexibility, and access to a modular and on-demand experience. The FLX Distribution technology platform simultaneously empowers asset managers and distribution professionals to drive results and retain optionality. Powered by a combination of proprietary tech developments, and a stack of leading software providers, we have created a seamless exchange providing access to media resources, distribution solutions, corporate strategy, and business services.


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