FLX Distribution Announces the Launch of FLX Consulting As A New Strategic Solution


FLX Consulting to join FLX Media, FLX Intelligence, and FLX Data Vault as a
value-added service to supplement its RAMP Platform

BERNARDSVILLE, NJ, AUGUST, 5, 2021 — FLX Distribution – the Resource and Asset Management Platform (RAMP) revolutionizing the distribution experience among asset managers, financial advisors, and wealth managers – today announced the launch of FLX Consulting to complement its current solution offerings.

FLX Consulting will focus on product and distribution-related challenges and opportunities on behalf of its clients, including product structures, distribution models, and target markets. For multi-dimensional engagements, FLX Consulting will collaborate with FLX’s network of specialized consulting firms and resources in this space. The firm will play a coordinating role to deliver a cost-effective solution with FLX as the primary point of contact and accountability.

“FLX is investing in resources as partners approach us for new innovations and efficiencies that define every aspect of the integrated FLX model,” said Brian Moran, Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “To better serve our clients, FLX Consulting will deliver access to top notch investment strategy and product consulting services, in a cost-effective, client-focused manner.”

The FLX Consulting Team
Kurtis Cicero and Frank van Etten, 20-year veterans of the industry, are the resources behind this new business line. Kurtis has worked in both product development/management functions, as well as distribution leadership in high-net-worth channels. Frank has spent a majority of his career as an investor, most recently with Nuveen as the CIO of their Multi-Asset division. “They bring a unique set of experience. Kurtis and Frank were successful in not just developing, but also executing their strategies. Their knowing-by-doing is a key differentiator,” said Mark Spina, President and COO.

Kurtis Cicero, CFA, CAIA, Head of FLX Consulting
Kurtis Cicero is a 20-year veteran of the financial services industry who has held a number of roles across distribution and product management functions. He has retained positions with Ivy Investment Management, Bank of New York Investment Management, and Voya (ING) Investment Management. In the Product Management function, Kurtis was a key decision-maker when it came to product creation and product focus. In addition, because of these results, Kurtis established a reputation as the go-to for the distribution team. As a client-facing distribution leader, he focused his attention on building relationships and securing placements with professional buyers on the various HNW platforms, across multiple sales channels.

Frank van Etten, Senior Advisor to FLX Consulting
Frank van Etten is a seasoned investment professional with deep expertise in all functions along the investment value chain. Frank has over 20 years of experience in the overall value chain to deliver investment objectives and client promises. During his career, Frank has worked in global roles at ING, Voya, UBS, and most recently at Nuveen as Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer and Head of Solutions. Frank has a proven track-record of successful investment results and is well known for driving innovations in investments, product, and operations. These innovations have led to sustainable commercial success, delivering true value to all stakeholders.

About FLX Distribution
Launched in December 2019, FLX Distribution is revolutionizing the distribution experience among asset managers, wealth managers, and advisors. We provide a technology platform – known as a Resource and Asset Management Platform (RAMP) – that delivers unmatched scale, flexibility, and access to a modular and on-demand experience.

The FLX Distribution technology platform simultaneously empowers asset managers and distribution professionals to drive results and retain optionality. Powered by a combination of proprietary tech developments, and a stack of leading software providers, we have created a seamless exchange providing access to media resources, distribution solutions, corporate strategy, and business services.

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