Advocate Capital Management was founded in 2016 by two former senior investment professionals at BlackRock. Advocate’s goal is to provide clients with a portfolio-based multi-asset and strategy approach to risk mitigation. Advocate CIO was Head of Derivative Trading at BlackRock and has published widely on the financial markets. Advocate CFO was the former Global Head of Real Estate Capital Markets at BlackRock.

Advocate has built its multi-strategy portfolio technology on the first-hand experience of its CIO during the Long Term Capital Management (LTCM), Internet Bubble and the Global Financial Crises. Our risk mitigation solutions (MRH, RRH) offer clients portfolio protection at a substantially lower cost of carry than available market alternatives. Advocate's portfolio protection solutions employ high liquidity strategies that have demonstrated the ability to maintain liquidity even during the worst of market shocks and crises. Advocate also works closely with clients to ensure that the risk mitigation solution is appropriate to the client's risk profile and risk mitigation requirements.