Why We favor the Quant Approach

Investing on Facts - Not Opinions
Our quantitative approach has evolved from a body of evidence showing widespread under performance for all types of managers. For example, the annual SPIVA* report, which covers 10,000 actively managed funds with assets of over $4 trillion, shows that only 10% were able to beat the S&P 500 return over 15 years. The vast majority of these managers use the fundamental approach which relies on subjective in decision-making. We invest on facts – not on opinions – as a surer means to attain superior returns.


The Fruits of 40 Years of Quant Research

The Adviser seeks high returns by investing in a concentrated portfolio of stocks in the “world’s fastest growing companies”. Typically, annual profits growth rates for such companies ranges between 45-64%. The Advisor uses an 8-step quantitative screening process in stock selection starting out with a universe of 4,800 stocks which is winnowed down to a portfolio of the best 25 stocks. Changes in the portfolio are made when profits growth dips below 30% or when a stock fails to make a new in the next 90 days.