Eagle Global Advisors has been providing focused, personalized investment services since 1996 from its headquarters in Houston, Texas. Founded by four partners who worked together at a predecessor firm and remain active in the business today, Eagle initially offered large capitalization domestic and international equity strategies. The firm added dedicated Energy Infrastructure Strategies in 2003 and Renewables Infrastructure Strategies in 2017. Clients include institutions, financial intermediaries, wealth advisors, family offices, and high net worth individuals that are both taxable and tax-exempt. The firm has remained independent and 100% employee-owned since inception.

Investors often focus on shorter-term horizons. But company economic performance follows much longer-term cycles. Due to these different timescales, the market often underestimates the ramifications of positive change. Eagle Global exploits this market inefficiency by

Applying Disciplined Financial Models to identify companies with long-term growth prospects not yet recognized by the market.

Applying Qualitative Fundamental Research to confirm there are true fundamental reasons for the improved growth outlook that are sustainable

Applying Patience to allow time for inefficiencies to be resolved. Sometimes in portfolio management, the best course of action is to stay the course.