Impact/ESG Investing


"Empirical Asset Management (EAM) employs our proprietary Rules Based Investing® process. All investment decisions are dictated by proven sets of rules which has the effect of eliminating emotion from the decision-making process. This ensures that our process is highly disciplined. It is our belief that emotion, in the form of fear and greed, is the most destructive force to successful investing.

At the core of Rules Based Investing® are strident risk controls. So often managers spend their time trying to control returns. Our approach is to attempt to control risk, which is much more predictable and controllable than returns. Essentially, controlling risk is the primary reason EAM has delivered Alpha on all nine of our investment models since inception. Once risk is controlled, returns tend to fall in line and take care of themselves.

We began managing Rules Based Investment Strategies in 1994 and have managed assets for clients directly since and for other Financial Advisors clients starting in 2001. Collectively through the years we have managed more than $1.2 Billion in AUM. We have managed the models successfully through bull and bear markets for over 24 years and have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge, information and experience managing, marketing and servicing these assets.

We have managed the models for 125 Financial Advisors at Advest Inc. a regional Broker Dealer with 520 Financial Advisors and for more than 150 Financial Advisors at Merrill Lynch.

We have long-term performance on all nine models, one with fourteen years, five with thirteen years, one with eight years, one with seven years and one with five years. We are a GIPS Compliant firm.

All EAM models are conceived on solid investment logic avoiding the problem of fitting data. All EAM models are backtested first and then tested in the real world with partner capital to substantiate thier efficacy before being expanded to a broader audience.

EAM offers proprietary strategies covering a broad range of asset classes, investment objectives and risk profiles. Our solutions include five Asset Allocation portfolios with different risk tolerances ranging from Conservative to Aggressive, three individual Equity portfolios focused on ESG, Equity Income, and All-Cap growth as well as a Tactical model called Sector Rotation.

We are registered with the SEC, and our firm is GIPS® Compliant. “GIPS® is a registered trademark of CFA Institute. CFA Institute does not endorse or promote this organization, nor does it warrant the accuracy or quality of the content contained here in. ”If you’d like to see a current copy of our ADV Part III (CRS) click here and ADV Part II, click here."