Frequently Asked Questions


About FLX

1What is FLX Distribution?

FLX Distribution is a financial technology company focused on asset management distribution. Our vision is to become the premier distribution option for asset managers searching for a cost effective model to deliver their investment capabilities, and to provide every passionate, hardworking and talented distribution professional a path to unprecedented distribution access to ensure future innovation and growth.

Through an innovative social technology, FLX Distribution's marketplace provides its membership access, education, data, and comprehensive financial services distribution solutions. FLX Distribution's consultative approach to understanding its membership's current capabilities, goals and objectives is illustrated in its flexible approach to customizing and tailoring solutions. Our innovative and unique pricing strategy contributions to a broad and diversified membership having access to assembling strategic distribution solutions with unprecedented scale.

2What is the unique approach that FLX Distribution implements?

FLX Distribution's innovative technological approach towards matching distribution professionals with asset managers is centered on an online community and marketplace. Its connection to the gig economy has similarities to companies, such as: Uber, Match, AirBnB, and LinkedIn.

The FLX Distribution platform provides necessary data and transparency, so that the membership (distribution professionals and asset managers) can identify optimal ways to partner for win-win solutions. Our individual members' detailed profiles help asset managers identify those distribution professionals with the requisite experience, relationships and capacity to represent their organization. Simultaneously, the individual member reviews each asset manager's community page to identify representation opportunities of interest.

Through a combination of search functionality, algorithmic matching, and direct interaction, the FLX Distribution platform provides an avenue for optimized representation.

3Is this a third party marketer? How is FLX Distribution different?

FLX Distribution is a financial technology platform enabling strategic distribution decisions.

FLX Distribution offers a platform where an asset manager can build the strategy and choose qualified individuals to achieve that strategy. Asset managers may retain control of the team representing their firm and products.

FLX Distribution intends to have a broader supply of talented distribution professionals than traditional third party marketers. What types of asset managers and products will be available on the FLX distribution platform?

FLX Distribution is NOT a broker-dealer, and does not offer products and/or advice to investors

We anticipate asset managers with the expertise in the following areas:

  • Income-oriented investment strategies
  • Alternative investment strategies
  • Non-US investment strategies
  • Niche and differentiated investment strategies
  • ESG strategies

FLX Distribution offers the "entire" distribution ecosystem, we do not exclude managers due to their lack of selling agreements and/or platform placement. Those types of managers are candidates for NAM, product, marketing or even strategy support.


Joining FLX

1Why should I join FLX Distribution?

FLX Distribution provides an opportunity to join asset managers and individuals who are passionate about leaving a strong legacy for their industry. FLX Distribution was built to challenge the status quo. FLX Distribution was created to empower the individuals in asset management distribution while boldly enhancing asset managers' distribution reach.

FLX Distribution empowers individuals by allowing them to:
1. Be their own boss
2. Leverage their relationships and experience
3. Represent who and what products they want
4. Monetize their personal brand
5. Determine their potential income

FLX Distribution anticipates individual members representing the following job functions within distribution:

  • Wholesaling
  • National Account Management
  • Product Development
  • Product Management
  • RFP
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Production Services
  • Video
  • Sales Content
  • Sales Management
  • Sales Strategy
  • Consulting
  • Executive Coaching
2Why should an asset manager join FLX Distribution?

FLX Distribution provides a platform that will enhance asset managers' business models by:

  • Reducing fixed distribution costs associated with full time employees
  • Access to experienced distribution professionals
  • Alignment of resources, cost and opportunity
  • Efficiency flex up and down existing distribution resources without interrupting existing organizational focus
  • Maintain a focus on innovation, growth and maximizing ROI
3In what ways might a asset management company partner with FLX Distribution?

FLX Distribution provides a marketplace for all sizes and styles of asset managers helping to identify individual members who can assist with all aspects of the distribution ecosystem. Depending on the asset managers specific goals and objectives, there are several ways FLX Distribution can partner with an asset management company:

  • Build to Scale: Asset managers who have historically deployed limited resources towards intermediary firms will look to exclusively use FLX distribution to build out their strategic distribution function.
  • Merge & Share: Asset managers port their existing full time employees into the FLX Distribution Membership. From here, the new individual members can begin to grow their own business while having an anchor partner to support them. Separately, asset managers can flex up or down their fixed costs, given they have reduced fixed costs.
  • Supplemental: Many firms who have established captive distribution teams will partner with FLX Distribution. These opportunities may be product based, (i.e. alternatives, closed-end, and ETF, etc.) or channel based (private banks, RIA, etc.).
4What is the interview process like for a new distribution team member?

The process is similar to what many firms may do today. When deciding amongst FLX Distribution partners, our asset management members will be better armed with relevant historical data and experience information from the member profile pages.

If you are concerned about the amount of interviewing, then an alternative option we offer to our asset managers is pre-packaged teams. Teams can be built by the rating system, results, specialities and/or networks of individuals coming together to be a single package for asset managers.



1How will you ensure you have quality individual members in the membership?

To be considered for passive membership to FLX Distribution, members are required to meet the following criteria:

  • Referral from an existing member
  • Pre-Screening of FINRA BrokerCheck
  • LinkedIn profile review (to ensure you have the required experience)

Active members are selected based upon their industry experience, background and their overall accomplishments. To be considered an active member of FLX Distribution, members are required to meet the following criteria:

  • Industry support - provide minimum of one referral letter
  • Completed FLX Distribution Profile
  • Interview with a member of FLX Distribution management team
  • Background check (regulatory)
2What materials do individual members need and how do asset managers deliver the information?

FLX Distribution recommends placing product information on the asset manager's FLX Distribution Community page (only available to members, not available to the public). It can be in the form of a direct link from your existing website or a PDF File.

Separately, asset managers are welcome to mail and/or email materials and updates directly to their selected FLX Distribution individual members. All materials are for training purposes only, and must receive compliance approval before being utilized with financial professionals.



1I have been at XYZ asset manager for 20 years. I've built my success by being in one place, and not jumping. They know me, they know I represent the culture of the firm, and that has made me successful. I feel like people would not trust me like they do today?

You can certainly build an incredible career and reputation by remaining at a single firm for an extended period. We believe that there is more than one way to be successful as a distribution professional.

From our perspective, we believe walking into your relationships from the past 20+ years and saying that YOU'VE chosen to represent 3 new firms and 15 compelling strategies is much more compelling to a financial advisor then saying you are with XYZ, and I have to sell you XYZ. In our case, you can become a truly trusted advisor to their business.

The existing relationships you have will be your largest value add to the asset managers you work with. Those relationships will allow you to gain access and position products that might never have been considered previously. Your experience and your relationships will allow you to capitalize on your "brand"!

2How are wholesalers trained and educated about asset management products?

It is no different than a full time employee. Asset managers can invite them in for on-site training, you can do weekly calls or you can share information via the community page or the FLX Knowledge Center.