FLX Consulting is a revolutionary way for asset managers to receive consulting services that are truly aligned with their distribution partners. The practice will focus on product and distribution-related challenges and opportunities on behalf of our clients, and for multi-dimensional engagements, FLX Consulting will collaborate with FLX’s network of specialized consulting firms and resources in this space. We will play a coordinating role to deliver a cost-effective solution with FLX as the primary point of contact and accountability.

FLX Consulting can work on a one-off basis or as a part of a broader service-based retainer model for your firm. One-off approaches will be priced on a per project basis and will encompass factors such as scope, depth, and hours. For a more tailored approach, we offer packages that include monthly, quarterly and annual reoccurring deliverables, while also having the ability to incorporate “on-demand” services.

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