| Extension of in-house capabilities
 | Target specific channels, firms, products, and geographies
 | Provide specific job functions
 | Tailor an approach that is best for your firm


 | Creating synthetic scale to Access, Resources, and Time
 | An integrated community
 | Data and analytic trends with Actionable Ideas
 | Availability warehouse
 | Cost effective access to people, technology, and resources


| Expertise in multiple capacities:  Intelligence, Investments and Solutions
| Decision makers, Thought Leaders and Consulting Resources
| On-demand market insights with subject matter experts


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We are a network dedicated to the asset and wealth management community. We provide a membership experience that delivers access to thought leadership, investment ideas, business resources across a range of categories, and connectivity to peers and industry experts.

We deliver a holistic one-stop destination to drive more meaningful and effective engagement.

Membership begins at no cost and offers access to:

  • Intelligence -- An aggregated multimedia resource hub for thought leadership
  • Investments -- Investment ideas, collateral, and platform availability from a prescreened community of asset managers
  • Solutions -- A suite of curated business resources providing cost and time savings
  • Community -- Industry-specific member profiles leading to tailored engagement experiences


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Asset Managers

Asset Manager Members enjoy the benefits of

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Solutions for Growth

Leverage experienced distribution professionals, creative technology platforms, and advantageous strategic relationships


Perpetually Relevant

Asset managers benefit from synthetic scale created by FLX and its strategic relationships


Resource Alignment

Flexibly select personnel, tools, and resources that align with business needs


Reduced Fixed Costs

Sharing economy approach delivers significant cost benefits

Wealth Management

Wealth Management Members Enjoy the Benefits of

Access to Asset Managers

Consolidate and simplify engagement through a single point of contact for dozens of asset managers


FLX Solutions

Leverage a range of business, data, and content solutions at FLX negotiated rates



Access to home office support (technology, tools, and people), as well as advisor resources and education


Economic Alignment

FLX's referral program aligns it with the wealth management platforms we engage

Financial Advisors

Financial Advisors Members Enjoy the Benefits of

Advisor Experience

Reduced noise and distractions: FLX presents investment and business solutions based on your chosen preferences


Consultant to the Advisor

Connect with asset managers, solutions providers, and actionable investment intelligence


FLX Intelligence

Access differentiated and highly relevant investment content provided by dynamic personalities and experienced investors


FLX Solutions

Leverage a range of business services, data, and content solutions at FLX negotiated rates