DCB Strategies = Decide, Commit, Become, which is a trinity based progression coaching platform customized for financial advisors, private wealth teams, wholesalers and other industry sales teams which possess that desire to passionately climb your next peak of professional and or personal achievements.

There are tangible values that peak performing individuals and teams institute into their daily practice. Let’s define yours and synch your vision and commitments towards your bold growth goals.

About the Founder / Coach: Darren CdeBaca

Darren is an accomplished senior executive and thought leader with 38 years of success across the financial services and non-profits. Leveraging extensive experience in optimizing distribution and product delivery efficiency, he is a valuable advisor for organizations, teams or individuals restructuring with an appetite for efficient and passionate growth. His broad areas of expertise include leadership, client acquisition, capital markets / asset management, distribution strategy, non-profits and business development. Darren grew up in San Francisco, attended Dartmouth College and currently resides in San Fran Bay Area.

Throughout his executive career he held various leadership positions with PaineWebber, Royce Funds, Dreyfus Funds, Ivy Investments and Chiron Investment Management. He also co-founded OneHitAway Foundation, which is the only non-profit organization in the country dedicating resources to athletes for brain healing / brain health resulting from sports related concussions.

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