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FLX Joins Industry-Leading Service Providers to Present Interval Alts Turnkey Plus


Kramer Levin announced today that it is presenting a new outsourcing solution for fund manager clients seeking to launch interval funds, Interval Alts Turnkey Plus.

Developed by Kramer Levin, SS&C Technologies and FLX Networks, Interval Alts Turnkey Plus offers asset managers a simplified due diligence experience by bringing together a team of experienced service providers. Like traditional outsourcing solutions, it enables managers to charge all startup costs to the fund and preserves competitive pricing, but unlike them, it enables managers to maintain product control and reduce reputational risk.

“We could not be more excited about Turnkey Plus,” said George M. Silfen, a partner in Kramer Levin’s Investment Management practice in New York. “We listened to clients’ needs and their reservations about traditional outsourcing and decided we could improve the model.”