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Actionable Information

Release Date: 04.12.23

Host: Mark Spina

Guest(s): Laks Ganapathi

Join host Mark Spina in this week's podcast episode as he speaks with Laks Ganapathi, founder of Unicus Research, a contrarian long/short research firm that takes a unique approach to the markets, worlds apart from traditional Wall Street counterparts. Laks and her team go to the midstream to get a pulse on the market, producing valuable surveys that identify the structural flaws in companies that could lead to their downfall or discovering key factors that may cause a company's stock price to rise. Her unapologetic approach to risk management draws parallels between her passion for rock climbing, where timing is crucial, just like in investing. As one of Laks’ mentors once taught her, "The stock market doesn't wait for anybody!" Mark and Laks discuss the importance of actionable information in today's crowded and volatile markets and how Unicus Research is standing out from the crowd.