FLX Casts InFLXtion Points

Committed Listening and the Power of Storytelling

Release Date: 02.22.23

Host: Mark Spina

Guest(s): Jack Sharry

This week’s episode features host Mark Spina and guest Jack Sharry, Chief Growth Officer at LifeYield and Host of the “WealthTech on Deck” podcast. From Jack’s formative years as a teen sweeping the floors of a sports shop to becoming a newly minted wholesaler in the early 1980s, his hallmark approach to committed listening and the power of storytelling has led to a long career in asset management and now fintech, driven based on what he terms “the evolution of making the complex simple.” For Jack, advancing the discourse with anyone is a win-win, but, when you learn to listen for opportunity, that’s when real value comes into play.