FLX Casts The Portfolio Playbook

Discover How Bristol Gate Capital Partners Can Help You Invest Differently

Release Date: 12.21.23

Host: Rich Miller

Guest(s): Michael Capombassis, Poorya Ferdowsi

Ready to learn how Bristol Gate Capital Partners can help you (and your clients) revolutionize your portfolios? Join host Rich Miller as he sits down with Bristol Gate’s Mike Capombassis and Poorya Ferdowsi.

Mike and Poorya shed light on everything you need to know about their firm and how it uses data science in combination with fundamental analysis to manage concentrated high-dividend growth portfolios for advisors, family offices, and institutions. They talk about Bristol Gate’s ideal client, the advantages of being based in Toronto, Canada, and the organization’s key differentiators, including its hybrid approach of combining quantitative models with human judgment.

  • Bristol Gate’s ideal client and the unique approach they take with them
  • The advantages of being based in Canada’s biggest city, Toronto
  • The role of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in the company’s investment process
  • The value of AI literacy and how they use AI to identify high dividend growers
  • What you should know about the company’s four-pillar process
  • How they found the right people for each seat at Bristol Gate
  • And more!