FLX Casts InFLXtion Points

Having Impact

Release Date: 03.08.23

Host: Jillian DelSignore

Guest(s): Laura Lutton

In this week’s episode, host Jillian DelSignore connects with fellow Chicagoan and Women in ETFs member Laura Lutton, who has worked at Morningstar for over 23 years and more recently has become Director of ESG Product Management at Morningstar Sustainalytics. Ironically for a podcast, the two of them very much appreciate the importance of an interview through the lens of journalism, noting that Laura’s time at Morningstar started with answering an ad out of The Wall Street Journal in 1994. Since then, Laura has moved mountains at the firm, including founding the Women’s Initiative and leading roles in research, sales, and product. Throughout all of these career moves, however, Laura has stayed true to her mantra of having impact by helping others and, as she terms, “going to the data” to play her part in helping to drive Morningstar and this industry forward, both culturally and professionally.