FLX Casts The Portfolio Playbook

Industry Insights Edition: Innovative Strategies to Modernize Asset and Wealth Management

Release Date: 02.02.24

Host: Mark Spina

Guest(s): Tim Kresl, Brian Moran

The integration of advanced technology is greatly impacting the asset management industry.

Ready to learn about the industry’s tech-oriented approach?

Mark Spina is joined by Tim Kresl from Broadridge and Brian Moran from FLX Networks. They discuss the need for innovation in the asset and wealth management industry, focusing on improving customer experiences and modernizing economic incentives.

Their conversation explores the integration of digital distribution with personal relationships in the industry, the challenges of balancing digital and human interactions, and the evolving demands of advisors and wealth managers.

Talking points include:

  • The value of creating the perfect balance between digital and personal wealth management
  • The process of data-driven decision making: Reasons there’s a need for both simplicity and complexity in product offerings
  • How technology is currently impacting the wealth management industry (and what this could mean in the future)
  • The role of data when it comes to providing insights and managing expectations