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Nothing Is Guaranteed, Change Will Happen

Release Date: 11.30.22

Host: Mark Spina

Guest(s): Shanna Weber

In this week’s episode, former colleagues reconnect as host Mark Spina is joined by Shanna Weber, Managing Director of Corporate Strategy at one of the largest broker dealers in the industry, Charles Schwab. Shanna explains how the formational foundation that was gifted to her from her elders has shaped her ability to maneuver roles in her career and continuously take on challenges to stretch her wings, including taking on a fresh corporate role at Charles Schwab. Shanna explains how change in an organization often breeds the opportunity to ask to do more and encourages us all to take that opportunity when it presents itself. Shanna is a firm believer in “don’t sweat the small stuff” and has embraced her new role at Schwab with a passion for diversity, something we can all learn from!